Who is going to buy this slave from me

There was a companion named Zahir (R), the Prophet   had a lot of affinity for him. Once Zahir was at a market place selling some things. He was shouting – who is going to buy this from me? who is going to buy this from me?

The Prophet   saw him and came from his behind quitely. He, the Prophet   wanted to play a practical joke on Zahir. So he grabbed him from behind and locked him with his arms. Zahir was surprised, he looked behind to see who was holding him. When he realized it is none other than the Prophet  , became limp. The Prophet   began joking, shouting in the marketplace – who is going to buy this ‘Abd’ (slave) from me? who is going to buy this ‘Abd’ (slave) from me?

In those days, people were really sold in market place as slaves. Zahir, however was not a slave. But even so, the Prophet   was true in his speech. Zahir was not a slave of any human but he was indeed a slave of Allah, just as we all are.

We see that even in a joke, the Prophet   did not lie.

Continuing with the story, in reply Zahir told the Prophet  , O Messenger of Allah, you are going to get a very bad bargain if you are going to sell me. The Prophet   replied,

you are very expensive in the eyes of Allah (S).

The content of this page was compiled from video lectures on the Seerah of the Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) by Yasir Qadhi. The video can be found here.

  • Mohammad Arif

    ALLAH U AKBAR What a sense of humor with great message by our Prophet MUHAMMAD S.A.W.