Three hungry men

The companions lead a very difficult life in the early parts of Madina, before the conquest began. Madina was a very difficult place to live in. The main income source of the people there was from the date trees. Dates were there for only one season, once that ran out, you would live a very difficult life in the middle of the desert for the rest of the six months or so.

Once on such time, Umar ibn Al-khattab (R) is walking in the streets and he sees the Prophet   sitting. This is at noon, and at noon, nobody walks in the summer time. So he asks the Prophet  , O Prophet of Allah, what are you doing outside?

The Prophet   knows that Umar is outside for one reason and that is that he does not have food at home. So he says, the same reason as you!

So, as they are sitting there, they see Abu Bakr (R) walking as well. So the three of them joined, sitting there just talking. Another companion named Abul Haytam was rushing back to home from work, sees them and asks, O Prophet of Allah, what are you doing at this time of the day?

Umar replied, well we did not have anything to eat so we are sitting here basically just talking. Hearing this, Abul Haytam says – No, this isn’t possible that the three best people among us are suffering in hunger. He knew he had an old goat at home, so he asks them to come to his home. He rushes home and sacrifices his old goat and prepares meal with his wife. Later, the Prophet  , Abu Bakr (R) and Umar (R) comes and they are served meat and bread – which was the most luxurious food item of that time and even today that is the case.

So what was the response of Prophet   after having this meal? He reminded Abu Bakr (R) and Umar (R) that they left their houses empty and Allah gave them this meal.

Then, on that Day, you shall be asked about the delight (you indulged in, in this world)! (102:8)

Allah is going to ask you on that day, about this food – what did you do with it and did you thank him enough for it?

Subhanallah, we get great meals three times a day and we don’t even think about Allah’s blessing. While here, the Prophet   is so conscious that you are going to be asked about this blessing. The lesson here is that we should always thank Allah for all the blessings he has given us and the same time be mindful about how we are utilizing that blessing.

The content of this page was compiled from video lectures on the Seerah of the Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) by Yasir Qadhi. The video can be found here.

  • Shahed Kazi

    Well, sometimes, we take this world so much for granted that we do not realise how lucky we are.