The man shall be with he whom he loves

Anas ibn Malik narrates a beautiful hadith that is mentioned in Bukhari –

A man came to the Prophet   and said,

O Messenger of Allah, when is the day of Judgement?

This is a question that has no benefit, it is not going to gain you anything. Besides the Prophet   doesn’t know when is the day of judgement. So instead of saying “I don’t know”, or “what do you care”, he   directed him to a more pertinent question. He said,

What have you prepared for it when it comes?

The man was quite surprised at the reply, he wasn’t expecting this sort of a response. He remained silent for a while and then said,

I really don’t have that much Salah and that much Siam and that much charity but I have a genuine love of Allah and his messenger.

The Prophet   replied,

The man shall be with he whom he loves.

Anas says, we were never as happy and overjoyed as we were on that day when we heard that a man shall be with he whom he loves. Because we loved the Prophet   and we wanted to be with him but we thought our levels would be so different that we would never get to see him.

Let us have a genuine love for the Prophet  . Let us understand the sacrifices he made for us. Let us understand what a great personality he was. Let us study his life so that we can implement and follow his teachings and come closer to Allah (S). Allah says in the Quran,

Say, [O Muhammad], “If you should love Allah , then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” Quran [3:31]

May Allah (S) make us among those who truly follow the Prophet   and may he forgive our sins.

The content of this page was compiled from video lectures on the Seerah of the Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) by Yasir Qadhi. The video can be found here.