Waraqa Ibn Naufal

Prophet Muhammad gets the Permission to Migrate

The advent of Islam and the concept of One Allah was a direct threat to the Arab society, culture and politics of the tribal leaders of Makkah. They had uses all their means to discourage the Prophet from spreading the words of Islam. But so far they had all but failed. Finding no other way […]

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The Beginning of Revelation

Shortly after the rebuilding of Ka’bah, Prophet Muhammad receives the verses of Qur’an for the very first time, at the age of forty. In it, many finds a symbolism – just as the house of Allah needed a rebuilding, so was this the time to revive the forgotten religion of Ibrahim (A).

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A few good men – the Hunafa

Prophet Muhammad was sent among Arabs at a time when the religion of Ibrahim (A) was long forgotten and people were worshiping idols and believing in superstitions. However, history records that there were some exceptions to these, not everyone believed in idolatry and paganism. The books of Seerah mention that there were a handful of […]

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