Surat Ya-Sin – Verse: 1-3

Tafseer of Surat Ya-Sin – Verse: 1-3



Ya-Seen – these are two Arabic letters, they do not mean anything as a word. The very use of these letters is telling the audience that Prophet Muhammad   seems to be getting an education. But by whom? So every time these letters occur in Qur’an, the question pops up, who taught him this?

  • The word ‘Ya-Seen’ occurs only once in the Qur’an.
  • Every time these type of letters are used in the Qur’an, it is followed by the mention of the revelation, with one exception, Surat Ar-Rum.

I swear by the Hakeem Qur’an.

What does it mean to swear by or take an oath? The Qur’an takes an oath to

  1. get your attention by using something unique and
  2. the unique thing becomes an evidence for what Allah (S) is about to say.

Here Qur’an is being used as an evidence to something. The word Hakim can have three meanings in Arabic and all three is applicable here to the Qur’an.

  1. Wisdom – the Qur’an is full of wisdom, constant wisdom.
  2. Power to give verdict – the Qur’an is full of judgement. The Qur’an gives judgement over the course of 23 years and it is constant in it’s judgement. The Qur’an gives verdict as if it is a point of authority. The Qur’an raises it’s voice and the people in leadership gets offended, but the Qur’an does it again and again. It is authoritative and it gives verdict and it does it constantly.
  3. Something that is tightly knit – Qur’an is well knit, everything connects to everything perfectly. What the Qur’an says also connects perfectly with what the Prophet himself   says. It is completely well knit.

Truly, you (O Muhammad SAW) are one of the Messengers,

No doubt about it, you (Muhammad  ) are among those who have been sent.

The Qur’an is the ultimate proof that Prophet Muhammad   is no doubt from those who have been sent. Why is this a proof?

This is way too much wisdom for one human being.

There are way too many authoritative verdicts in the message. Any human would back off if he offends the people. But Prophet Muhammad   keeps going back to the same people, offending them more and more and more. There is no way you are doing this because you want to, you are being told to do this.

When Prophet Muhammad   recites the Qur’an, everybody can tell, this is way too tightly knit for this to be a speech of a human being. This is not him speaking.

  • ‘Among those who have been sent’ – Allah (S) is telling the Prophet  , as alone as you feel, there are people that I will introduce you to that are part of the same team. You are part of a larger brotherhood, you are not alone. You will find support in them.
  • ‘Mursal’ is different from the word ‘Rasul’. ‘Mursal’ in Arabic means someone who has been sent. Prophet   is being told that he has been sent, so he is on a mission. This Ayah validates him   as being a messenger but also reminds him that he   has a job to do.

In this ayah, Allah (S) is giving Prophet Muhammad   support as well as reminding him that he has a task that needs to be done.