Torture and Prosecution of the Muslims

The early Muslims face mounting torture and prosecution in the hands of the Quraish. They start mocking and ridiculing the Prophet   in public and also start spreading false accusations and rumors against him.

In this video

  • At this stage, only Prophet Muhammad   could recite Qur’an in public
  • Ibn Mas’ud recites Qur’an in public and gets severely beaten
  • 3 Quraishi secretly listens to the recitation of Prophet
  • Rediculation and mocking of Prophet
  • False accusation and lies against Prophet
  • Al walid Ibn Mughira – the best poet of Makkah listens the Qur’an for the first time

  • Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab warns the pilgrims against listening to Qur’an
  • Prophet   is challenged to show miracles
  • Quraish tries to negotiate with Prophet   – Al walid Ibn Mughira brings forth a proposal to compromise
  • Prophet   replies to him by reciting Surat Fussilat

In this video

  • Quraish sends amesaries to Madina to consult with the Jews and the Christians
  • Prophet   is asked three questions
  • The believers are tortured
  • Belal (R) is severely tortured by his owner
  • Khabbab ibn al-Aratt is tortured by Umm Anmar
  • Tortures on the family of Yasir and the accomplishments of Ammar ibn Yasir
  • Struggles and achievements of Shuayb ar-Rumi

In this video

  • Prophet Muhammad   is tortured
  • Sometimes Allah (S) would protect him and other times Allah would not – the wisdom of both is known to Allah (S) only.
  • Uqba throws camel intestine on the Prophet while he was in prayer
  • The house of Al-Arqam becomes the meeting place for Muslims

  • The wisdom behind selecting Darul Arqam as the secret meeting place of Muslims
  • The first migration to Abyssinia – in the fifth year, one and a half year after Islam going public
  • Muslims lived in Abyssinia for 14 years, even after Prophet   migrated to Madina
  • In the 7th year of Hijra, Prophet   asks them to come back to Madina
  • Wisdom behind choosing Abyssinia