The Night Journey and the Ascension – Al-Isra Wal-Mi’raj

After most traumatic experiences that the Prophet   experienced in the year of the sorrow, Allah (S) gifted him with one of the greatest miracles of all time.

In this video

  • The entire journey was a gift to Prophet Muhammad  
  • The difficulty with all the narrations of this incident
  • When did this incident happen – we know the probable year but not the month
  • Jibreel (A) comes to Prophet   at night when he was sleeping
  • Prophet   rides on Buraq and goes to Baytul Maqdas
  • Prophet   leads the prayer in the presence of all the Prophets and Messengers

  • Jibreel (A) offers Milk and Wine to Prophet and asks to choose one for him and his Ummah
  • Prophet   ascends to the heaven with Jibreel (A) where he meets different prophets at the gate of each heavens
  • Wisdom behind the order in which he   meets the various Prophets and Messengers

In this video

  • Conversation between Prophet   and Isa (A)
  • Conversation between Prophet   and Ibrahim (A)
  • Prophet   meets M’alik – the gatekeeper of Hell
  • Prophet   sees a tree called Sidratul Muntaha
  • Prophet   sees Jibreel (A) in his original form
  • Prophet   is given three things-
    • Five daily prayers
    • Last two verses of Surat Bakara
    • And a promise from Allah (S)

  • Prophet   ascends to the divine presence of Allah (S)
  • Salat is prescribed and the conversation with Musa (A)
  • Wisdom behind the incident and significance of Salat

In this video

  • Prophet   inquires to Jibreel (A) about a special fragrance that he smelled
  • Prophet   sees the punishments of Hell
  • Prophet   comes back to Jerusalem and rides on Buraq back to Makkah
  • Prophet   woke up next morning and feels an anxiety as how he will tell the incident to people
  • Abu Jahl sees him and asks what happened, Prophet   tells him

  • People ask him   about the specifics of Baytul Maqdas to verify
  • Abu Bakr (R) believes the incident without any doubt
  • Did Prophet   see his Lord?
  • Benefits and lessons we can drive from this journey