The Incident of Ta’if

Life became so difficult in Makkah that after 10 years, Prophet Muhammad   began thinking of leaving the city. He went to the nearby city of Ta’if to see if they can accept him and his message. What happened in Ta’if made it the worst day of his life  .

  • A Christian servant named Addas brings a bowl of grapes in the garden they were resting
  • One simple act of Bismillah leads to the conversion of Addas
  • Lessons from the trials of the Prophet  
  • A group of Jinn see Prophet Muhammad   praying at night – they become the first batch of Jinn to convert
  • Mut’im ibn ‘Adi gives Prophet Muhammad   protection

  • pamameen


    I am sure many have read the biography of Prophet Muhammad (puh) He lost his uncle who was protecting him and his wife.

    Here is an example from the life of Prophet Muhammad(puh) about protection

    To preach in Mecca was hopeless.

    The nearest and strongest competitor for Mecca was the city of al-Ta’if. Fifty miles southeast of Mecca.

    He walked up to the rugged mountain to the city and met the tribal leaders. He was refused and badly treated. His feet bleeding and he appealed to the Almighty for His mercy.

    He gathered enough strength and continued on his way back to Mecca reaching it three days later. The Meccans had learned the Prophet’s reverses and humiliation.

    The Prophet begged for protection for safe entry into the city but no Quresih came forward.

    But a good hearted pagan chief ( not a Muslim yet) , al-Mut’im ibn Adiy(his name) took Prophet Muhammad (puh) under his protection and brought him to his home.

    Thus Prophet Muhammad(puh) re-entered Mecca., guarded by a polytheist, scoffed at by his fellow citizens pitied by his helpless followers.

    this story has the following message

    We see many non-Muslims a protecting and defending Muslims in the US and Europe and other nations and so do the Muslims to the non-Muslim victims

    Through out the history of the world, people belonging to different religions have been feeling more as human beings showing pity and sympathy when there is oppression and injustice done

    May God Almighty Bless us all