Second Migration to Abyssinia

The leaders of the Quraish sends two men to Abyssinia, their mission was to convince the King to send back the migrated Muslims. However the ruler of Abyssinia turns out to be a just man, who opted to listen to the both sides before making his decision.

  • Quraish decides to react upon this large migration, they send two men to Abyssinia to speak to Najashi
  • The experience in Abyssinia in the words of Umm Salama
  • The men from Quraish try to pursue Najashi, the ruler of Abyssinia
  • Najashi calls the Muslmis to listen to their side of the story
  • Jafar ibn Abu Talib gives an eloquent speech to Najashi about this new religion that they are following
  • When asked about the Qur’an, Jafar recites Surah Maryam to the Najashi
  • Najashi rejects the Quraish by allowing Muslims to stay in his land
  • Amar ibn Al-as tries to convince Najashi again by asking him to ask the Muslims about Jesus
  • Story of Najashi and his belief in Allah and his messenger  
  • Prophet Muhammad prayed Janaza Ghayeb for Najashi – the only time he ever prayed this prayer