From the narrations of various companions of the Prophet  , we can derive a lot of information about how our beloved Prophet   looked. Here is a quick summary of his physical appearance.

At a Glance

Skin Color - Light Brown

He was of lighter brown color.

Hair - Neither Curly nor Firm

He had thick hair and bushy beard. His hair would generally reach his earlobe.

Stature - Medium Build, Broad Shoulders

He was neither very tall nor very short and had broad shoulders.

Face - Slightly ovalish

The Prophet   did not have a very fleshy face, nor was it completely round, it was slightly ovalish.

The beauty of the Prophet  

We find Ka’b ibn Malik comparing the Prophet   with a full moon while Ar-Rubayya compares him with the rising sun. Such was the appearance of the Prophet   that the only way the companions could describe him was with the most beautiful thing that the could relate to. Amar ibn Al-A’as, a companion who converted to Islam very late, says,

There was nothing that was more sweeter to me, more beloved to me than to stare at the face of the Prophet  . And I could never get enough of looking at him, I never got tired of looking at him and yet if you were to ask me how he looked, I couldn’t describe him. Because along with this desire to stare at him there was also this awe, this reverence that I had that could not allow me to just stare directly at him and I had to lower my face.

The beauty of the Prophet   was so overpowering that Amar ibn Al-A’as is saying, there is nothing that I got more peace from, more serenity from than to simply look at the face of the Prophet  . And yet he couldn’t just stare at him because of the reverence, because of the overpowering awe that he is looking at the Prophet  .

Perhaps for this same reason, most of the physical description of the Prophet   comes from the younger companions. The most explicit of those descriptions comes from Anas ibn Malik who was a young child at that time. Anas ibn Malik says,

The Prophet   was neither very tall such that he stood above the crowd, nor was he short such that he would be ignored. He was of a medium stature. And the Prophet   was neither extremely white and nor was he a reddish brown.

It should be mentioned here that, what we now call white, the Arabs at that time used to call that yellow. That is why they used to call the Romans the tribe of the yellow people – Banu Asfar. Generally speaking, when the Arabs used the word white, it was for light brown. It is not that white that we consider Caucasian white. So the Prophet   had a skin color of very light brown.

Anas ibn Malik continues,

The Prophet’s   hair was not in curls nor was it straight. I never felt any velvet or silk softer that the hands of the Prophet  . Nor did I smell a musk or a perfume more fragrant than the sweat of the Prophet  . [Source]

In other words, he had firm hair like most men and his natural odor was more fragrant than a perfume. It is also known that Umm Salama and others would collect his sweat in a jar when he is sleeping and use it as a perfume – such was the odor of the Prophet  .

Al-Bara ibn Azim describes the Prophet   as

he was of a medium stature, had broad shoulders and his hair was thick.

The thickness of his hair and bushy beard has been reported by at least five other companions as well. It is said that he would usually let his hair grow such that it would reach his earlobe and then he would shave it all of in times of Hajj or Umrah.

Ali ibn Talib (R), a close family member and cousin of the Prophet  , says –

The Prophet   did not have a very fleshy face, nor was it completely round, it was slightly ovalish. He had a whitish skin with a reddish tinge (as explained earlier this means lighter brown), his eyes were large with jet-black pupils and his lashes were long. his joints were large as was his upper back. He did not have hair all over his body, he had a fine line of hair extending from chest to the naval. When he would walk, he would walk briskly as if he is descending down a slope. When he would turn, he would turn to face with his whole body.

Whoever unexpectedly saw him, would stand in awe of him. And whoever accompanied him and got to know him would love him. And those who described him would always say “I have never seen anyone before him or after him, who was like him”.

Ali ibn Talib (R) continues –

between his two shoulders was the seal of the prophethood. [Source]

Many people converted to Islam just by looking at his face. Most famous of such converts was the chief rabbi of the Jews of Madina – Abdullah ibn Salam. When the Prophet   went to Madina, this rabbi came to see who this person was. He describes his experience in first person,

As soon as I saw him, I knew that this cannot be the face of a liar. [Source]

One conversation with the Prophet   and he accepts to Islam right then and there.

The content of this page was compiled from video lectures on the Seerah of the Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) by Yasir Qadhi. The video can be found here.

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    How racist! This is actually idol worship which is sinful. You cannot worship a man. Even a messenger of God would not be entitled to be worshipped or elevated. That’s why this is a joke. The only man worthy of such love and admiration is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


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    Prophet Muhammad PBH did not have brown or light brown skin it was fair and not fair to be called chalky

    • Pathan Yousefzai

      He was brown skin like Jesus Christ and Abraham
      All prophets were brown skin and look like bin laden
      Arabic is related to Ethiopian and African languages not Caucasian languages

      All devils were white and resembled george bush, columbus and hitler.

      • wayner

        Quote” The sun-goddess was the moon’s consort; she was perhaps best known in South Arabia as Dhat Hamym, ‘she who sends forth strong rays of benevolence’. Another dominant deity was the male god known as Athtar corresponding to Phoenician Astarte (Doe 25). Pritchard (61) claims their pantheon included the the moon god Sin etc., Shams (Shamash) and Athtar or Astarte as in the Semitic trinity, however it would appear that the sun was female as the Canaanite Shapash who figures in Ugarit myth alongside Athtar (Driver 110).

        The Amorites(Imliq/Hyksos/Amalekites/) and Akkadians were mixed with the Dravidians who are Canaanites LOL the other Canaanite people were same as pure Native Americans(same type of culture ,also Mexican and South American Indians ) and I am not referring to the lovely Mongolian or Turkic people .

        The Akkadians and Amorites formed the Nabateans who are the Arameans who are the Chaldeans after the actual tribe of the Thamud perished . Akkadians are from Hud pbuh and Amorites from Saleh pbuh ,they mixed with the people of Qahtan and descendants of Prophet Abraham pbuh

        Quote” Avaris had previously been the capital of the Hyksos (XV Dynasty), whose name derives from hekau-khasut (“princes of foreign lands”). The Hyksos rulers had Semitic names, but in 1991, Minoan-style frescoes were unearthed at a Hyksos-era palace on the western edge of the site, evincing strong links with the Minoan civilization of Crete, though most still believe that the Hyksos originated in Palestine or Syria. Tanis, Avaris and the “Land of Goshen” – Rough Guides

        quote The Minoan wall paintings at Tell El-Dab’a are of particular interest to Egyptologists and archaeologists. They are of Minoan style, content, and technology, but there is uncertainty over the ethnic identity of the artists. The paintings depict images of bull-leaping, bull-grappling, griffins, and hunts. Minoan frescoes from Tell el-Daba – Wikipedia

        Quote” The traditional history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church also maintains that descendants of Joktan—the Agazyan—carried the original Ge’ez language across the Red Sea into Ethiopia as they mixed with the Cushitic and Agaw people to form the hybrid Habesha race. “

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        Bin latin was not brown skin more pure Arab like Muhammad saw.Muhammad saw while family was JET BLACK!

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    Agreed as to others who commented: The prophet (saw) was not brown. He was fair/light olive skinned. He was white (abyad) and ahmar (ruddish complexion) – meaning fair-skinned in arabic. Having ‘red skin’ means you can see the red pigmentation (little red dots) show through light colored skin; it does not mean “brown” no how no way. If you say “ahmar” = “brown” in Arabic, you are either ignorant of the word or a liar.

    • SUFI-4- LIFE!

      No prophet was white ALI IBN TALIB RA black just like imam Mahdi is black Arabs have whitewash ISLAM just like Christan’s have whitewash christanity., Arabs white today because there fathers mix with nonarab gogle KEDAR RA the second son of Ishmael as a pure black Arab tribe

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        “Cute white man” lol you can’t be serious. He was fair skinned Arab according to the descriptions, end of story.

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          He was light brown skin similar to Osama Bin Laden

      • Pathan Yousefzai

        He was a brown man

        White people were slaves to brown Muslim Muhammad

        Arabic is an afro asiatic language not a caucasian language.

        • wayner

          You need knowledge, you act like you know everything lol. You haven’t seen the Prophet pbuh and you talk nonsense. The Prophet pbuh was fair skin and Imam Hasan who I have are one time looks same. imam Husayn I have seen one time as well he had similar type face except I saw him 38th a very straight nose bridge of you were to see them among people you would say they are the most beautiful among people. Most Arabs I have seen do not look like that.
          Prophet Abraham pbuh as was a Chaldean who are the Arameans who are the Nabateans who are simply the Akkadians and Amorites who mixed with the Canaanites who are the Dravidians who are the original Mediterranean and Sumerian people who were in west and East and Amorites mixed with a canaanite people same as pure native Americans same type of culture also Mexican and South American natives. Akkadians and Amorites mixed with the arami tribes as and thamud making them aws and athiri in origin with element of arphaxad. Akkadians are from Prophet Hud pbuh and Amorites are from Prophet Saleh pbuh they mixed with the people of Qahtan and descendants of Prophet Abraham pbuh

          • Pathan Yousefzai

            Lol he was quryash banu hashim not chaldean

            Cannanites are not dravidians because dravidians dont speak semetic languages at all

            The cannanites are semite people too

            He was not fair and resembled the kaaba gatekeepers of today

          • wayner

            Quote” The Mediterranean Peoples (Dravidians)

            (Extracts from ‘The Original Indians — An Enquiry’ by Dr. A. Desai)

            How the Mediterranean people came to be called Dravidians makes interesting story. The Pre-Hellenistic Lycians of Asia Minor, who where probably the Mediterranean stock called themselves Trimmili. Another tribe of this branch in the island of Crete was known by the name Dr(a)mil or Dr(a)miz. In ancient Sanskrit writings we find the terms Dramili and Dravidi, and then Dravida which referred to the southern portion of India.

            South India was known to the ancient Greek and Roman geographers as Damirica or Limurike. Periplus Maris Erithroei (Periplus of the Eritrean Sea) in the second or third century AD described the maritime route followed by Greek ships sailing to the South Indian ports: “Then follow Naoura and Tundis, the first marts of Limurike and after these Mouziris and Nelkunda, the seats of government.â€

            Dramila, Dravida and Damirica indicated the territory. Then it was applied to the people living in the territory and the language they spoke, in the local parlance Tamil and Tamil Nadu or Tamilakam.


            The Mediterraneans or Dravidians were associated with the ancient Sumerian civilizations of Mesopotamia and of Elam (southern Iran). Authors have pointed out ethnic, linguistic and cultural affinities between the Sumerians (Mesopotamians) and the Dravidians of South India, and concluded that both probably belonged to the same ethnic stock. HR Hall writes: “The ethnic type of the Sumerians, so strongly marked in their statues and relofs was as different from those of the races which surrounded them as was their language from those of the Semites, Aryans and others; they were decidedly Indian in type. The face-type of the average Indian today is no doubt much the same as that of the Dravidian race ancestors thousands of years ago…And it is to this Dravidian ethnic type of India that the ancient Sumerian bears most resemblance, so far as we can judge from his monuments. He was very like a Southern Hindu of the Deccan (who still speaks Dravidian languages). And it is by no means improbable that the Sumerians were an Indian tribe which passed, certainly by land, perhaps also by sea, through Persia to the valley of the Two Rivers.â€

            Hall is of the opinion that Dravidian people must have migrated to Mesopotamia from India, whereas others think Dravidians came from Mediterranean regions, which was their earlier home. KP Padmanabha Menon writes about their close relationship: “Orientalists, many of them, are prepared to concede that the Sumerians, the Mediterranean race, are branches of the early Dravidians.â€

            Quote”Dravidians In Crete they were known by the name which the Greeks wrote as Termilai, in Asia Minor as ‘Trimmili’ or Trimalai (Sastri p60), and in India as Dramiza, Dravida, Dramila and finally Tamil. Their deity was “Mother-Earth” who gave them grain, vegetables and food. The ‘Mother Goddess’ cult belonged exclusively to Crete where it was known as Durgha (compare Trqqas mentioned in Lycian inscriptions in Asia Minor) as Uma or Parvati. (Sastri p61) They probably brought along with them to India this Mediterranean or Aegean Saivaism, Mother Goddess with her consort Siva.Dr K Loganathan

            “According to the Hebrew Bible, “Bat Sheva,” more commonly known by the anglicized name Bathsheba”



            Inanna is the ancient Sumerian goddess of love

            quote ⭐”Inanna[a] is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, justice, and political power. She was originally worshipped in Sumer and was later worshipped by the Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians under the name Ishtar⭐.[b] She was known as the “Queen of Heaven” and was the patron goddess of the Eanna temple at the city of Uruk, which was her main cult center. She was associated with the planet Venus and her most prominent symbols included the lion and the eight-pointed star. Her husband was the god Dumuzid (later known as Tammuz) and her sukkal, or personal attendant, was the goddess Ninshubur (who later became the male deity Papsukkal).

            Thai Pongal (Tamil: தைப்பொங்கல், /ˈθaɪˈpoʊŋʌl/) is a harvest festival dedicated to the ⭐Sun God. It is a four-day festival which according to the Tamil calendar is usually celebrated from January 14 to January 17

            Quote “Ancient Tamils worshipped the ⭐crescent moon on the third day (Kuruntokai verse 170). Tamil epic Silappadikaram has a prayer for sun and moon.( tamil is a Dravidian dialect)

   < bull culture in Mediterranean is derived from the Dravidians

    • أحمد الكَتبي

      You are right

    • Tarkan Deniz

      You said the truth

    • Pathan Yousefzai

      90% of other hadiths asmar al lawn meaning brown

      He is a Quryashi Saudi, google banu hashim, they are still brown skin till this day

      The gate keepers of the kaaba are all brown skin till this day

  • Chris Develing

    Interesting but the Romans being called yellow has another origin according to It has to do with the Romans specifically and not the skincolor of Caucasians in general:

    “The Banu Al-Asfar (literally, “children of the the yellow one”) are the generation of the Byzantines from among the descendants of ‘Eesu ibn Is-haaq ibn Ibraaheem (Esau, son of Isaac, son of Abraham), may Allaah exalt their mention. An-Nawawi may Allaah have mercy upon him said: “The Banu Asfar are the Romans. Ibn Al-Anbaari held that they were known as the Banu Al-Asfar (children of the the yellow one) because an Abyssinian army once conquered their land and some Abyssinian men married Roman women who gave birth to yellow-skinned children with the darkness of Abyssinians and the whiteness of the Romans. Abu Is-haaq ibn Ibraaheem Al-Harbi said that the Banu Al-Asfar were attributed to Asfar, son of Rome, son of ‘Eesu, son of Is-haaq, son of Ibraaheem, may Allaah exalt their mention. The Qaadhi remarked that this opinion is closer to the truth than that of Ibn Al-Anbaari.” [Sharh Muslim]”

    So if this is true, this still leaves open the possibility of the Europeans being white even according to the first muslims. In fact this statement above reaffirms that since it calls the Romans white (originally) and the offspring of the mixed Abyssinian-Roman couples it calls yellow.

    • OfficeIsMySecondHome

      Latins/Mediterraneans =/= Anglo-Saxons/North Europeans

  • Yasin

    Go back to the origin, Abraham and Hagar, parents of Ismael, may ALLAH be pleased with and
    forever bless them and lead us to the truth. Arabia is part of Africa (Alkebulan)

  • أحمد الكَتبي

    As ERIC DUSS said in comments
    The prophet (saw) was not brown as we all know and study that…
    He was fair/light olive skinned. He was white ( abyad in Arabic mean WHITE ) and ahmar in arabic as we knows (ruddish complexion) – meaning fair-skinned in arabic. Having ‘red skin’ means you can see the red pigmentation (little red dots) show through light colored skin; it does not mean “brown” no how no way. If you say “ahmar” = “brown” in Arabic, you are either ignorant of the word or a liar

    • Tarkan Deniz


    • बाणपातवर्तिन्

      These liars should be beheaded for insinuating that the Prophet was the least bit brown.

      • Pathan Yousefzai

        Prophet Muhammad was brown and was described as asmar al lawn by Arabs. Actually 99% of Arabs were brown skin in Saudi Arabia and still are. Anybody who said Muhammad was white is a moron because Yajuj and Majuj are white caucasian races. Prophet Muhammad was a afro asiatic arab
        Arabic is an afro asiatic language

      • Pathan Yousefzai

        All Arabs were brown skin in the past
        Arabic is afro asiatic this is why Ethiopians can learn Arabic easy but white caucasian neanderthals from the caucasus mountains cant learn arabic

        All prophets from adam to muhammad were brown

        No prophets were white in history

        Hitler is white
        George Bush is white
        Columbus is white

        Muhammad is brown
        Jesus is brown
        Moses is dark brown

      • Pathan Yousefzai

        White people were slaves to brown skin Muhammad

      • Tanvir Zuhayr Khan

        why do you think it’s a bad thing to be brown when you most probably are yourself

    • Pathan Yousefzai

      Prophet Muhammad was brown skin similar to bin laden and 99% of Saudis today

      • wayner

        He looked nothing like that. If you were to put them side by side you would not think that there is any relation
        I have seen the Prophet Muhammad 19 times , Abraham pbuh one time and more

        • Pathan Yousefzai

          I don’t care what you think

          99% of Saudis look like Hamza Bin Laden and Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar walking on the road

          Anas Malik described his skin tone as asmar al lawn meaning brown skin

          Fair skin in the arabian peninsula was wheat skin brown similar to some southern iraqis and some southern jordanians

          Fair skin of the western world is yellow for Roman southern Europeans and red skin for the viking northern Europeans

          This was the description of the people above turkey by ancient arabs.

    • Pathan Yousefzai

      White skin women were taken as slaves by brown skin Muhammad

  • Tarkan Deniz

    Each Muslim know verv well Prophet Muhammad PBUH He was white ruddish complexion…
    His whiteness is described more pure even from the color of the moon at the top of its whiteness…
    Do not keep lying about prophet so that Allah does not punish you

    • Pathan Yousefzai

      He is described as brown skin like all bin laden, hamza bin laden looking saudi people from the Quryash. The gate keepers of the kabaa today are still brown skin. Not just Muhammad but Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Yakub, Yahya, Yunis were ALL brown skin prophets

      Caucasians are yajuj and majuj races who are enemies of Islam

    • Pathan Yousefzai

      White women were taken as slaves by brown skin Muhammad was


    Subhanallah..jazakallah khaira

  • Sameer

    seems he was bad looking ?

    • UchihaObito61

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s subjective. There are people in this world, who think White people are attractive. In Polynesia, fat people are considered attractive. To each their own.

  • Ismael Ayeh

    Those of you that are saying the prophet was white read lisan Al Arab by Ibn manzour he was an Arab lexiconigist of the past and he said white when referring to a person doesnt mean white as European but s light brown

    • wayner

      Yes he was fair in color not a brown color and he did not look like an ethiopian

      • Pathan Yousefzai

        Nobody said ethiopian

        He was brown as in tan southern arabian gulf looking Osama/Hamza type

        He is brown for western european standards

        He is asmar al lawn for Arab standards

  • Tony

    Muhammad is burning in hell for misleading people into false religion and for being a pedophile,Marrying a 6 year old girl.

    • UchihaObito61

      You White pigs can get away with anything, huh ?

    • Tanvir Zuhayr Khan

      don’t spread hate here plzzz

  • Pathan Yousefzai

    All Arabs were dark brown and black skin semites in the past

    Arabic is similar to Ethiopian not German or Slavic languages

    How do Ethiopian people look?

    Today’s arabs are turks and europeans speaking arabic

    No different from europeans in america saying they are native americans

    No different from europeans saying they are related to Australian Aborigines today

    Even all Europeans Jews of Israel are from Germany

    The whole desert was dark skin people to begin with

    • wayner

      Do not tell lies . The Prophet Muhammad, Abraham pbut were fair in color there was brown color . They did not look like Ethiopians anyone who says this is telling lies

      • Pathan Yousefzai

        Muhammad and Abraham were brown in today’s terms

        Hamza bin laden, osama bin laden, qaboos bin said, Abdulelah Sultan Abdulaziz Aal Saud, Mohammed Saleh Al Sada, Amjad Adaileh, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar

        Even anas malik said he was aswad al lawn

        Im not talking about ethiopians im talking about 99% of Gulf Arabs today

        Arabic is an afro asiatic language

        It originates from southern yemen

        • wayner

          The Prophet Muhammad and Abraham pbuh did not look like names you mentioned

          I saw Prophet Abraham pbuh with a face that was not completely round but slightly oval , upside down eyebrows, v hairline , raven black wavy hair and a aquiline nose bridge which was one flowing curve, not a bump then a curve and not hooked or too big or too small

    • wayner

      Lol you are foolish with very little knowledge. Make a question on quora then notify me

      Canaan was a son of Ham lol
      All the pre Islamic deities were derived from the Dravidians who are the original Mediterranean and Sumerian people who were in west and East and trade connected the two. Akkadians and Amorites were both mixed with the Canaanites and Akkadians and Amorites mixed with the arami tribes ad and thamud making them aws and athiri in origin with element of arphaxad

      Adore tribe conquered Iraq and Syria mixing with the Akkadians and Amorites making them aws in origin. ( sons of aws are people of Uz)
      When actual tribe of ad perished Nabi Hud pbuh was with the banu thamud who are from him, they lived from North Arabia to greater part of Syria mixing with the Assyrians( sargon the second mentions them)Akkadians are from Prophet Hud pbuh
      When actual tribe of thamud perished it was the Amorites who are from Prophet Saleh pbuh
      This is when Akkadians and Amorites formed the nabateans who are the Arameans who are the Chaldeans who are just the Akkadians and Amorites

      They mixed with the people of Qahtan and descendants of Prophet Abraham pbuh

      They are the idumeans( edomites)

    • wayner

      Hud pbuh

      Saleh pbuh

      Abraham pbuh who had Ismael and Isaak(Ishaq) pbut

    • Blood Eagle 88

      No they weren’t you stupid fucking nigger.